Our Favorite Miami Summer Styles

As summer begins to heat up, it is important to notice how Miami girls manage to look effortlessly chic in the sweltering sun.  Over the years, our city has changed from the land of scantly-clad to a growing cultural hub with style to match. This summer has proven that bikinis aren’t the only wardrobe options you need when trying to fit in with the locals.

Robe Dresses: Nothing quite encapsulates the essence of summer like a  breezy sundress. A great versatile linen wrap dress is appropriate for almost any occasion.

Straw Bag: It is the year of the straw bag. From oversize totes to mini box bags, straw bags are a coveted Miami accessory.

Strappy Sandals: Forget your platform heels when going out in Miami. Stick to suede sandals with  either a two-strap or multi strap slingback to help elongate your legs. Transition from day to night with this simple summer staple.

Silky Slips: It is way too hot to wear anything too tight. Throw on your favorite colorful raw-edge silk slip dress and pair it with layers of coin necklaces for a fashion-forward look.

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