Lace Love- 3 most popular lace styles

Alençon Lace 

Named after the city in France where it was first created in, Alençon is renowned for its fine netting ground, corded outlined floral patterns, and heavenly detailing. Alençon lace is superlative as trim for wedding gowns and bridal veils. It is commonly used on upscale designer bridal gowns.

Chantilly Lace 

Possibly the best-known type of wedding dress fabric, Chantilly lace is very fine and delicate and is made on a lightweight hexagonal mesh background. A Chantilly lace trim which has both the edges scalloped is known as Galloon Lace. If you’re want a romantic, soft texture, Chantilly is the best fit.

Eyelet Lace 

Eyelet fabric is a type of lace made by creating holes in a fabric medium. Each hole is edged using a buttonhole stitch. The holes are precisely sized and situated to create a pattern or patterns, often floral designs or abstract geometric arrangements. Eyelet fabric is beautifully elegant and yet more durable than most other types of lace.


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