Custom Made

Deciding on purchasing tailor-made clothes is a very unique and personal experience. Whether you’re after the perfect fit, or just something that’s uniquely you, investing in custom clothing and accessories ensures that the final product is something unable to be replicated. Thankfully, Isa Couture Fabrics has put together a guide for navigating through this somewhat overwhelming (but always rewarding) experience.

1.Choose the right specialist:

A tailor typically concentrates on menswear. A seamstress or dressmaker is usually trained to make clothes according to patterns you provide. A designer may have styles that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. A pattern-maker may not be skilled at design but can create or alter patterns to achieve a perfect fit.

2.Understand your measurements

This one-of-a-kind piece is meant to last for years to come so it is important that you feel confident wearing it. Understanding what looks best on your body and which features you prefer to accentuate will help speed up the process. Remember that your garment is being made for your typical body weight so it’s best not to project any expected weight loss. Also take time to learn about the measurement process so that you can better understand how you would like to adjust the fit.

3. Discover your personal style:

The act of customization allows you to bring more of your own character into the design. If you’re unsure of which style works best for you, take the time to examine your wardrobe. Find recurring pieces and items that you feel the most comfortable in. Find a style icons that speak to different parts of your personality. If you prefer to have a custom piece of clothing that shows the latest trend, remember that it’s an investment piece. The trend should stand the test of time. Refine your ideas by asking your closest friends what your style strengths are. Look through magazines, blogs and look-books for inspiration.

4. Research Fabrics

This is a collaborative process, so you want to understand the language of the clothes. Take time to discuss ideas, designs, shapes, colors and fabrics that will work best for you. Learn terms for fabric so that you can accurately describe what you want.

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