Best Fabrics to Wear This Summer

The summer is finally here and its not cooling down anytime soon. With temperatures reaching the high 90s, how do you stay comfortable and cool in the Miami heat? Know the right breathable fabrics to use for your summer wardrobe. Whether your choosing fabric to sew clothes for your vacation trips, casual strolls or office looks, here is a list of easy, breezy materials to use.


1. Cotton:
Cotton is soft, moisture-absorbing, breathable and ranges from semi-sheer to opaque. Cotton knits are made by interlocking thread that help create airy loops. Eyelet variety allows even more air to come through and is great to construct blouses, shorts and dresses.

What’s the benefit?
It is a natural fiber perfect in any condition and is hypoallergenic. It is easy to wash, durable and great for both men and women.

2. Linen:
Linen is one of the oldest fabrics and has long been a favorite for tailoring intended for hot weather. It is cool to the touch and extremely gentle on the skin.

What’s the benefit?
Linen has a lower thread count than cotton. This means that there are fewer fibers making it extremely durable for both dry and humid heat. On top of that, linen fabrics are praised for their ability to absorb
moisture. Linen is able to soak up about one-fifth of its weight in water. It also becomes softer after each wash.

During high temperatures, make sure to stay away from the following synthetic polyester fabrics listed below:

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