Top 7 Ways to Repurpose Vintage Fabrics

In today’s day and age – where what was old is now new again– “vintage” is highly sought after because of its artisanship or story behind it. It adds an extra level of delight to think of the time when the fabric was created. The state of the world at that moment, how style influenced the look and feel of each piece, or even as a chance to get a small glimpse of the brilliance of the designers now long gone. It’s special. It’s exclusive. Whether it be vintage fabric, antique upholstery textiles or even just vintage inspiration – those with a keen sense of style always find a way to make room to pay homage to these extraordinary relics of the past.

Using these antiques can also add special meaning to an otherwise ordinary item. Whether you want to create something for yourself or even if you are designing a family heirloom as a gift – vintage fabrics provide a great starting point to creating something extra special. Here are the top seven best ways to repurpose your favorite vintage fabrics:

Classy Linen Napkins

Nothing says high-end more than tailor-made sewn napkins. They are a cost-effective and modern way to amp up the class to any dinner party. Mix and match various motifs, from floral and stripes to gingham and polka dots. You can make them multi-use or even keeping it classic with coordinating colors from your choice of color palette.

Stunning Vintage Aprons

Bring the classic apron in 2019 by adding your own vintage flair using antique textiles. Whether you decide on the half apron, bib apron, or cross back – just because you are in the kitchen whipping up a storm, does not mean you do not have to look good doing so!

Exciting Drapery Panels

Keeping in mind the color scheme of your room, along with the strategic mixing of a variety of scaled textile patterns – you can add drama and excitement to any room while ensuring the room remains peaceful instead of seeming too busy.

Stylish Accent Pillows

1940s-50s tea towels and tablecloths come in a range of fun styles and catchy colors that would work perfectly to show off on your sofa. Have a few hand knit or lace doilies? Use them to accentuate and add texture to an existing solid colored pillow.

Nostalgic Art

Ever been inspired by a gorgeous piece of fabric that is just too beautiful to wear that it looks like it should be hanging on your wall? Vintage fashions rise to artwork status when displayed prominently. Have the fabric framed and placed on a wall so that you can admire it many more times than just getting a single use out of it.

Fabric Envelope Clutch

Clutches are a girl’s best friend…third to diamonds and chocolate of course. So why not venture out and create one of your own out of a great vintage fabric you found. And if you cannot bear to ruin perfectly good fabric with your novice DIY skills, I’m sure a good seamstress can also whip one up for you in no time.

Vintage A-Frame Kid’s Tent

It seems like kid’s tents are everywhere these days. Why not separate yourself from the masses and add a little bit of an antique touch for a more easy-going vibe.

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